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Shopping is not just about the purchases; it is also about the whole experience and the great emotions felt. But sometimes spending a whole day on your feet to find the perfect clothes, holding heavy bags in your hands, and going from shop to shop, can spoil the mood. We are here to make sure that this does not happen and that your shopping experience a pleasant event – we won’t let your mood drop!

The VIP Shopping experience is your opportunity to feel like royalty. Imagine a private driver collecting you from your apartment or hotel, wherever it is in Switzerland or Italy, and bringing you to the best outlet in Europe, with the highest class and quality of shops. In between purchases, you will have access to a lounge, where you can enjoy free drinks and snacks the whole day long, relaxing with discretion, and where you can leave your bags with your purchases. At the end of your shopping, a private driver can bring you to one of the best restaurants, where a reserved table with beautiful decorations will be waiting for you. But of course, this is just one possibility. If you have other wishes as to how you would like to finish your shopping day, we will turn your wishes into reality. 

The maximum number of people for this event is 8. 

It’s time to get your perfect shopping! 

Let’s make your dream come true