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A wedding is a magical time for two people. It’s a gorgeous day, full of love and emotions, and it’s wonderful to share this moment with family and friends. Two persons in love are becoming one family and this is an important reason to celebrate. But we know how stressful and unpredictable organization of a wedding can be. That’s why we are here, to help you plan a wedding in Italy or Switzerland. 

We organize destination and local weddings in Italy & Switzerland for people from all over the world, for any nationality and age. Our focus is on luxury weddings, and we work with talented vendors and in luxury locations. We plan your wedding with the utmost attention to detail to make your day special and memorable for all the right reasons. We are ready to take the most novel and unique of concepts or the most classical of ideas, or to propose new ideas for weddings, and turn them into reality. We have a passion for weddings and we love taking care of the organization of each day before the event and on the day of the event itself. 

We work in the most beautiful venues in Italy and Switzerland. Some of them are the most popular and famous locations, while others are unusual and extraordinary. We have a wide range of locations and you will always find a venue that is perfect for you. Imagine your wedding taking place in a luxury villa on Lake Como, in a splendid hotel in Portofino, on a gorgeous terrace in Venice, a romantic castle near Verona or in a fashionable hotel in Milan. There are a large number of astounding places where you can get married in Italy.  

Are you in love with the Swiss Alps and lakes? Imagine your wedding in a chalet at St. Moritz or Gstaad cities with their own very special atmosphere where European and Hollywood stars hang out. Your wedding here will be glamorous!  In Switzerland there are plenty of beautiful venues for weddings, such as splendid hotels in romantic Geneva, luxury terraces and gardens around Zurich, and beautiful castles in Ticino. Here all venues have spectacular views and you will definitely find something for you.  

You can feel the different wedding vibes in each city of Italy or Switzerland, and we can guarantee that one of the vibes is absolutely for you. 

If you feel that you would like to stay after your wedding and spend some more great time in Italy or Switzerland, we would be happy to help you organize your honeymoon here. 

As people become more busy and successful, weddings are becoming more challenging to prepare and the demand for the services of wedding planners is growing every year. We look forward to planning your dream wedding! 

Let’s make your dream come true