wedding planner italy

I have always had a passion for Events and Fashion. I previously worked as model for years in Russia and I loved the energy and drive of runway shows.

While I was working in the fashion industry I gained a deep appreciation and understanding that the most important person at an event is the organizer. The event manager assumes the responsibility for the entire organization of the event. This person is a professional, who will make your event special and unforgettable.

I started my event career in Switzerland, undertaking small private events for ladies and friends. I enjoyed these events and as time progressed I moved to larger and more varied events. I have always wanted to make something bigger thus I decided to found my own event-company. I’ve studied event management to enrich my know-how and knowledge of the sector. Now I like to visit every year wedding and event conferences around the world, because I think that is important for a planner to be aware of new trends, meet new people from this industry and improve oneself.

I together with my assistant provide full planning and organizing service, turning any idea into reality. I love to organize weddings and stylish events for my clients, creating the ideas behind each event, to make it special and unique. My goal is to organize beautiful and memorable weddings & events with impressive and emotional experience.

Do you have a dream about having a wedding or event in Italy or in Switzerland? Your DREAM has to become true and I will help you create a truly memorable event! 

Julia Mozgova