Event Planning

We are a full-service wedding and event planning company, which organize elegant, stylish, memorable and joyful events with the right atmosphere for each customer. Here at Julia Event, it’s essential to provide you a first class service and spectacular event.

Our service is smooth, personalized and stress-free.

You can choose one of 2 variants of the organization service:

One is when you join the planning process partially – this means that you can see and try everything necessary for your wedding or event when you wish and have time for this. 

Second is when you don’t join the planning process at all – this means you give us all information we need for your wedding or event, and you don’t need to take time for meetings before your event happen.  

7 steps to your event

We will meet personally or over Skype, and we will begin our conversation by exploring your interests, hobbies and your passions. The idea for the wedding may appear during our discussion, for example, that you are in love with Africa, and this can be the basic idea to start a conception of your wedding, or that all your life you’ve liked one fairy tale or fantasy movie and have the sense to make your wedding as a fairy tale. Remember, your wedding is a story of your love and ideas for it can be as wide as can be imagined!
Many top venues and vendors get booked over a year in advance. Sometimes it takes time before a location can become available, especially at certain times of the year. Therefore this is a second step. You need to decide at what time of year you would like your wedding. It will also depend on the style of ceremony you desire and how much time (months) is needed to organize your wedding.
We will search for a venue for your wedding with these principles informing our search: the ideas and creative concepts behind the wedding, the season of the year when you wish to be married, any accessibility requirements for guests, the number of guests, and the budget. All the locations that we offer have been checked personally by us, but we are always happy to find a new venue according to your wishes. We do not just look for generic and classic places in Italy and Switzerland; it’s our pleasure to expand our search and consider unusual and unique locations for weddings, such as a train, boat, or a penthouse. We believe that you will fall in love with our choice of venues!
The look of the bride & groom. We will help you to create the perfect look for your wedding Providing you with proposals for different boutiques, makeup artists, hair stylists, beauty salons, and jeweller boutiques – and of course, we will be there with you. We also can help with the look of the bridesmaids & best man and ushers if you desire. One of the most memorable things for every wedding is the wedding dress of the bride. Therefore this step is one of the most important for us as we know how essential it is for the marriage to be just right.
The first impression is everything. Julia Event, together with talented decorators, florists and event designers, will create a pleasant atmosphere. Here even one small thing can change everything and therefore we will concentrate on every detail to make your day special!
Another distinctive thing that guests remember of any wedding is the atmosphere. Having a fantastic atmosphere is essential – but what kind of fantastic atmosphere? Musicians, dancers, trapeze artists, a show-ballet, art-painters, a fire-show, fireworks, DJs,  and live singers are all possible and will make your wedding day more memorable! And the food, drinks, and refreshments are as important. We will take care of planning and arranging all of this. And certainly, photographers and videographers will be there to record this day for you!
In the last few weeks before the wedding, we will meet to make any final changes and check that preparation everything for your wedding is complete. You will know that everything is set and arranged, and all that is left is just that one step, marriage! On the day of the wedding, you will enjoy your special day and we will be there for you to make the coordination of your wedding seamless.

Let’s do it