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A baby shower, what a nice tradition to celebrate your pregnancy! Imagine yourself in a fabulous venue, where you, your family and your girlfriends will enjoy good music, fresh cocktails, amazing entertainment and a wonderful atmosphere. We know that the organization of this can be stressful and unpredictable, or that sometimes it can be awkward asking a friend to help with the preparation. We are here to help you to avoid the stress and take care of all of the organization of this wonderful event. 

We work in the most beautiful venues in Italy and Switzerland. Some of them are the most popular and famous locations, while others are unusual and extraordinary. We have a wide selection of venues, and you will always find one that is perfect for you. 

We have a great passion for events and are happy to organize a baby shower with personal touches for any lady, no matter what her culture or whichever stage she is in of her pregnancy. 

We are looking forward to organizing your baby shower!

Let’s make your dream come true