9 Reasons to have a wedding planner

What is exactly doing a wedding planner? A wedding planner is a creative and talkative person, who takes care of all the details of the wedding – creating an idea and concept, finding the venue, meeting and dealing with vendors, helping to find a perfect wedding dress, taking care of the budget, working with couple and doing many other very important things that needs to be prepared for your big day. The wedding planner is your magician who will make your dreams come true!

9 things to think about:


1. You want to have a luxury wedding

A luxury wedding it is an exclusive and unique wedding which needs a perfect service and big attention to details. The whole service on luxury weddings need to be provided by very talented and often famous people in wedding industry. They will be florists and decorators that work on famous weddings, chef who cooks like a god and has a Michelin star, videographers and photographers which have experience in luxury events and many other suppliers which can provide a luxury service. Such weddings always have a personal and unique style it means that furniture and stage will be prepared specially for you and no one else will have the same wedding. It can be a hard job just to find the contacts of these people and even if you arrive to find them it doesn’t guaranty that they will agree to provide you their service.
Such wedding must have a wedding planner!

2. You are afraid to make mistakes

At first thought it seems so easy to plan a wedding, but soon as you start your research of all the suppliers you need, you will start to understand that is difficult to make the right choice. Obviously, because of the stress mistakes will be made and if you are a person who wants to impress the guests and have an excellent organized wedding, better hire a wedding planner.

3. You don’t have enough time to organize wedding on your own

People are becoming busier, meanwhile, the organization of weddings becomes more complicated and creative. If you have a very busy job or you run your own business, then you don’t have time to plan a beautiful wedding. This is just the situation when you need to hire a wedding planner.

4. You want to avoid stress while you organize your wedding and want to enjoy the celebration

For many people organization of one excellent wedding it is a hard job full of stress – searching for the suppliers, finding a perfect location, dealing about the price, getting new ideas, preparing a plan B for unpredictable situations, looking for a beautiful wedding dress, thinking about comfort of guests and keep all the information about upcoming celebration in the head… If you are making all the job by your own you also have to manage all the suppliers on the day of your wedding and check if all arrives on the right time and nothing is going wrong.
If you just want to enjoy this beautiful moment of your life and have fun on your wedding this is a big reason to find a wedding planner!

5. You want to have a wedding abroad

A destination wedding is even more complicated in organization than usual wedding. First of all, you can’t check all the work of the vendors, but it is a very important. Second of all you may not speak the language of the country where you want to have your wedding. Also, you may not know how to do the procedure of wedding abroad and find a right place for ceremony. Finally, you can spend much more money, than with a wedding planner. A wedding abroad obviously needs to have a wedding planner.

6. You are not good at coming up ideas and don’t know how to search for vendors

If you are not good at coming up ideas this is a good reason to hire a wedding planner.
First of all, you will have less headache as you don’t need to invent everything by yourself. Second of all a good wedding planner is a creative person and she will always find a way how to create an idea for your wedding, which you are goanna love. She will know as well which vendors will be perfect for your wedding and will hire them for you. 

7. You are not sure that you can develop the concept of the wedding and follow it

To develop and create the concept of the wedding can be a difficult task for many couples. The wedding is not only about the flowers, wedding dress and cake, today wedding needs to have an idea and concept, it means you need to focus a lot on the details, colours and atmosphere -thinking which food, decorations, furniture design will be suitable for the style of wedding.
If you can’t follow the idea and concept, the whole celebration will look strange and chaotic, in this case you need a wedding planner.

8. You don’t want to have bad surprises on the day of  your wedding

No one beside a wedding planner is planning weddings every day, therefore bride can’t be sure that everything on her day is going to work perfect. You don’t know the people who work on your wedding and can’t predict that they will be the right people for you. It can happen that you will be disappointed by the work of photographer or a music band, or if a moderator will get drank, that will be a disaster! A wedding planner will offer you only professional vendors with whom she already has worked or she knows the quality of their service. She will also manage and will keep eye on all those who will provide you a service on the day of the wedding.

9. You want to save time and money

You probably think that with a wedding planner you would spend more money, but it is not true. Don’t be afraid to hire a wedding planner, first of all a good wedding planner has many contacts in wedding industry and she can deals the price for you. Second of all the wedding planner knows how to manage your budget without stretching it a lot. She would also understand for what is better to save your money and what is better to not buy or rent at all. The good wedding planner will help you to save not only your money, but time, like this instead of having busy and stressful days you will spend more time with people you love.