Destination wedding in Switzerland. 9 REASONS TO MAKE A WEDDING IN SWITZERLAND

When I ask people, who never been to Switzerland what do they know about this country, most of them take a pause for 2 minutes and then answer “I know there are many rich people, banks, beautiful cows, good cheese, tasty chocolate and high mountains” All this is true, but Switzerland has much more than cheese, chocolate and banks!
This blog will show you why I believe that Switzerland is one of the best wedding spot in the world and why I’m happy to be a wedding planner in Switzerland!

Switzerland is a very beautiful country

Switzerland it is a gorgeous country, which is always in top 10 beautiful countries of the world. Switzerland is a definitely one of the best spot for wedding, whether it is a Wedding in Geneva , Lugano Lucerne, Montreux or Interlaken. Each part of Switzerland has own style of the cuisine, mountains, nature and buildings, but all of the parts are very beautiful and all of them have classic and modern luxury Hotels, spectacular restaurants with terraces, castles and other beautiful wedding venues.
When people come first time to Switzerland they can’t believe their eyes, because this country looks unreal. Your guests will be defiantly impressed by your choice of the place for the wedding!

In Switzerland are no regular wedding seasons, all seasons are perfect for a celebration

Most of couples preferer to celebrate their wedding in summer, it’s warm, and it’s nice to have the wedding at outdoor venue, also many countries don’t have beautiful locations for winter weddings. Switzerland has plenty of different locations for any season of the year and it is a such country where all the seasons look wonderful. Couples who love skiing and adventure often come to get married in Switzerland in the winter. A wedding at this wintry and gorgeous time is like a fairytale, with mountains and trees covered with snow and candle-light, and warming fireplaces to sit by. The atmosphere is special and very romantic.
The autumn in Switzerland is charming, vineyards and mountains naturally painted in orange color blends perfectly with the blue lakes and the weather is still warm, wedding photos at this time will be absolutely gorgeous.
Switzerland is a great place for outdoor weddings in spring or in summer. In the spring everything blooms and everywhere you can feel smell of fresh flowers. The summer in Switzerland is very beautiful and warm, medium temperature +26 / +30, which is perfect for wedding.

Fantastic view, Switzerland has beautiful mountains and lakes

Switzerland is surrounded by high fabulous mountains, wedding in the Alps looks like a fairytale. This country has many lakes wedding venues, celebration by the lake makes any wedding even more romantic. The venues on the mountains with lake view look just like a dream, you and your guests will have fantastic experience and the photos of your wedding in Switzerland will look like a scene of one movie.

Hotels, castles, villas, chalets, boats, terraces and other Switzerland wedding venues for any taste

Switzerland it is a paradise for weddings, this country has so many locations with incredible views.
In winter you can have your wedding in romantic chalets with the view on snowy mountains. If you wish to have a wedding in luxury hotel with fantastic view, Switzerland is just perfect for you, it has plenty of luxury wedding venues. Switzerland also has many large lakes, if you dream about wedding on the boat, for example on the lake Geneva it will be one of the best choices for summer.

Winter wedding in Switzerland, gorgeous and romantic time

Couples from all over the world come to Switzerland in winter not only to have fun at ski resorts, but to marry! Switzerland it is a perfect location for Winter wedding, the country in winter looks spectacular and very romantic. What is also good in Switzerland in winter is that snow is stays mostly on the mountains, but not in the cities, therefore it is a great time for the city walk and shopping as well.

Wedding in the Alps, you can’t find a better place for wedding if you love mountains

Did you dream to have a Mountain wedding? Welcome to Switzerland it is a perfect place for your wedding. Swiss alps are very beautiful and they often seem to be specially placed around the lake, just look at the picture is in it fantastic? In Switzerland there are always new luxury Hotels, restaurants and chalets on the mountains, where you can get a great service, amazing food from all over the world, spectacular view and good working internet and mobile line (which I honestly as a wedding planner think that is great).

Fresh air it’s a great reason to make a wedding at outdoor venue in Switzerland

Switzerland is one of the most healthiest country of the world, the fact that the Swiss love their country and care about the environment.
To have a wedding at outdoor location is always nice, but nicer when the city where you have your wedding has clean air.

Many famous people from all over the world love to spend holiday in Switzerland

If you wish to have a wedding in one of the most popular celebrity holiday place, Switzerland is a great choice! Famous people from all over the world like to spend their holiday in Switzerland, many of them visit every year and some of them moved there.
Madonna, Peris Hilton, Salma Hayek, Tina Turner, Prince Charles, Samuel L. Jackson, these are only a few names of the stars who love to go to Switzerland.

Switzerland is save country

You don’t need to worry for your relatives and friends, it is a save place. Your guests can come earlier or stay for some days after your wedding to travel around. Many people in Switzerland speak English, plus in Switzerland there are 3 official most popular European languages: Italian, German and French. Switzerland attracts tourists from all over the world in every season of the year, this country is always full of the guests. Switzerland has one more huge plus, is located in the center of the Europe, from there you can get easy by car or by train to many other countries.

Now you know why I believe that Switzerland is one of the best Destination Wedding Spots!