Destination wedding. Wedding in Switzerland.

Deciding where to hold it is probably the most important decision that will be made regarding a wedding – well, aside from who to get married to, but we’re presuming that part will be sorted out by now! The potential locations for a wedding are as wide as the globe itself, from a local church 100 meters away from where you live to an island on the other side of the world. The options are all there and the brochures and websites are all showing stunning pictures.

So how to choose where your wedding destination should be?

And why, of all places, should you think about Switzerland?

Why should you consider a wedding overlooking Lake Geneva or a winter wedding in Gstaad or summer wedding in Lugano?

Switzerland is a gorgeous country and has everything you could want. Stunning views as the backdrop for your photos. Fresh air and pure lakes, perfect if you want some or all of your ceremony or reception to be outdoors. Excellent weather, with summer at a comfortably warm temperature, from +25 to + 35 degree, while winter weddings can guarantee the winter-wonderland snow! Imagine walking through lush, verdant green pastures, clear blue skies and the warm sun overhead. Or having an open log fire while guests mingle, with the snow gently falling outside.

Castles, villas, luxury modern and classic hotels. Chalets, boats, country and city locations. All are available and easily reachable. With quality that is second-to-none, the types of venue that can be chosen provides such a range of possibilities and options that pretty-much every wish can be met. You can even celebrate your wedding on the special train if you like, travelling through the stunning Alpine landscape! Pretty much every wedding location in Switzerland will have a view of lakes or the Alps, or both – almost anywhere you go in Switzerland will present you with scenes and picturesque views that will remain with you all life-long.

Switzerland’s environment and climate both really are ideal. No need to worry about vaccinations, mosquitos or the anti-malaria tablets here! (Amazing how weddings in the tropics don’t highlight that little issue…) The Swiss landscape gives a fantastic variety of micro-climates: you can be on the snowy Alps and then a few hours later be celebrating your wedding in Geneva or Montreux, walking along palm-tree lined avenues, or on the shores of the Seebergsee or Lake Zurich.

The size and location of Switzerland makes it ideal for weddings. Located in the heart of Europe, Switzerland is easy to get to. There are direct flights from (almost) every continent. Within Europe, it can easily be reached by train or by car. And once you’re in Switzerland its easy and quick to travel between locations, with excellent public transport. This also means that it’s easy to go between different types of places. For example, if you want both worlds, a wedding in the city and reception in the countryside, then Switzerland offers the ease and proximity to allow this to happen. Swiss cities nestle next to the countryside, making it simple, quick and easy for you – and guests – to get into and out of the city.

Having said something about the attractions of Switzerland, now let’s add something else. If there’s one thing the Swiss are known for – okay, aside from fondue, chocolate and interesting tax arrangements – it’s reliability. A wedding in the Alps will take place without a hitch, without any last-minute stress. Everything that is planned will go off like clockwork, with excellent service and supreme quality, with everything being where it should be, in the way it should be, at the time that it’s meant to be. Combine Switzerland and the services of an international wedding planner to take care of things, and you and your guests can celebrate your wedding without a worry.

Switzerland really is one of the most beautiful, stunning and memorable countries in the world and all of your guests will understand immediately why you decided to have your wedding there.

Whether you are thinking about a luxury wedding or a small and intimate ceremony, Switzerland has something to offer everyone.